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Aug 31, 2018

We start to delve into...drum roll please...behavioral interviews!  In part two of this mini-series, we discuss what they are, why they're used, and how you can prepare.  

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Aug 23, 2018

Did you miss us?  After a brief summer hiatus, we are back to tackle the most daunting aspect of the application process...interviews!  In part I, we discuss what the interview day(s) entail and how you can prepare for the logistics of these events.  

Aug 9, 2018

We invite a special guest, Dr. Steven Chen, on the show to discuss the medicine-dermatology residency and career path.  Tune in to hear about what these unique residency programs offer and whether they are aligned with your academic interests.


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Aug 2, 2018

Arash takes the lead on exploring the age-old question, "what should I wear (to interviews)?"  Tips on dressing economically, efficiently and appropriately.

*Disclaimer: We took our show on the road today and recorded in a new location, so there's quite a bit of background noise.  Pardon our sound and we'll be back in...